ghaṭotkacaḥ घटोत्कचः

Definition: घटोत्कचः Name of a son of Bhīma by a female demon named हिडिम्बा; Bhāg.9.22.3-31. He was a very powerful person and fought valiantly in the great warbetween the Pāṇḍavas and Kauravas on the side of the former, but was slain by Karṇa with the Śakti or missile he had received from Indra; cf. Mu.2.15. The derivation of the name is given in the आदिपर्व of महाभारत as follows : घटो हास्योत्कच इति माता तं प्रत्यभाषत । अब्रवीत्तेन नामास्य घटोत्कच इति स्म ह ॥ Mb.1.155.38.

Dictionary: Apte
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