gava गव

Definition: गव (A substitute for गो at the beginning of certain compounds, especially before words beginning with vowels or as the second member of Dvigu comp.; पञ्चगवम् five cows; गवाकृति cow-shaped). -Comp. -अक्षः 1 an air hole, a round window; विलोलनेत्रभ्रमरैर्गवाक्षाः सहस्रपत्राभरणा इवासन् R.7.11; कुवलयितगवाक्षां लोचनैरङ्गनानाम् 11.93; Ku. 7.58; Me.1. ˚जालम् a lattice. -2 the mesh of a shirt of mail. -अक्षकः an air-hole. -अक्षित a. furnished with windows. -अग्रम् a multitude of cows; (written as गो$ग्रम्, गोअग्रम् and गवाग्रम्). -अदनम् pasture or meadow grass. -अदनी 1 a pasture. -2 a manger, a trough for holding grass &c. for feeding cattle. -अधिका lac. -अनृतम् a lie on cow's oath (अनृतगोशपथस्य पापम्); तस्या- धर्मो गवानृतम् Mb.13.23.33; Ms.8.98. -अमृतम् 1 the beverage or nectar consisting of rays of light. -2 cow's milk. -अर्ह a. of the value of a cow. -अविकम् cattle and sheep. -अशनः 1 a shoe-maker. -2 an out-cast. -अश्वम् bulls and horses. -आकृति a. cow-shaped. -आलम्भः the cow-killing in मधुपर्क rite. -आह्निकम् the daily measure of food given to a cow; a kind of व्रत; निरुद्विग्नस्तु यो दद्यान्मासमेकं गवाह्निकम् Mb.13.133.3. -इन्द्रः 1 an owner of kine. -2 an excellent bull. -ईशः, -ईश्वरः an owner of cows. -उद्धः an excellent cow or bull; Rām.4.28.43; Mb.13.78.14. -राजः a bull.

Dictionary: Apte
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