evam एवम्

Definition: एवम् ind. 1 Thus, so, in this manner or way; (referring to what precedes as well as to what follows); अस्त्येवम् Pt. 1 it is so; एवंवादिनि देवर्षौ Ku.6.84; ब्रूया एवम् Me.13 (what follows); एवमस्तु be it so, amen; यद्येवम् so; ।कमेवम् why so; मैवम्, मा मैवम् oh, not so, (do not do so) एवम् has sometimes an adjectival force; एवं वचनम् such words. -2 Yes, quite so (implying assent); सीता-अहो जाने तस्मिन्नेव काले वर्ते । राम- एवम् U.1; एवं यदात्थ भगवन् Ku.2.31. It is also said to have the senses of. -3 likeness. -4 sameness of manner; -5 affirmation or determination; -6 command; or it is often used merely as an expletive. (In the Vedas एवम् occurs very rarely; its place being usually taken up by एव). -Comp. -अवस्थ a. so situated or circumstanced. -आदि, -आद्य a. of such qualities or kind, such and the like; एवमादिभिः Ś.5; Ku.5.29. -कान्तम् A column connected with one, two or three minor pillars and having a lotus-shaped base; एकोपपादसंयुक्तं द्वित्र्युपपादेन संयुतम् । एवंकान्तमिति प्रोक्तं मूले पद्मासनान्वितम् ॥ Mānasāra 15.242-3. -कारम् ind. in this manner. -काल a. containing so many syllabic instants. -क्रतु a. Ved. thus minded. -गत a. being in this condition or so circumstanced; एवं गते under these circumstances. -गुण a. possessing such virtues; पुत्रमेवंगुणोपेतं चक्रवर्तिनमाप्नुहि Ś.1.12. -नामन् a. so called, bearing this name. -प्रकार, -प्राय a. of such a kind; वयमपि न खल्वेवंप्रायाः क्रतुप्रतिघातिनः U.5.29; Ś.7.24. -भत a. of such quality or description, so, such. -रूप a. of such a kind or form. -वादः such an expression. एवंवादिनि देवर्षौ पार्श्वे पितुरधोमुखी K. -विद्, -विद्वस् a. knowing so or such, well-informed. -विध a. of such a kind, such. -वीर्य a. possessing such a power. -वृत्त, -वृत्ति a. behaving such; of such a kind.

Dictionary: Apte
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