etad एतद्

Definition: एतद् pron. a. (m. एषः, f. एषा, n. एतद्) 1 This, this here, yonder (referring to what is nearest to the speaker (समीपतरवर्ति चैतदो रूपम्); एते वयममी दाराः कन्येयं कुलजीवितम् K.; the Nom. forms are used like those of इदम् the sense of 'here'; एष पृच्छामि, एष कथयामि Mu.3. here I ask &c.; कदा गमिष्यसि-एष गच्छामि Sk.; एषो$स्मि कामन्दकी संवृत्तः Māl.1; एते नवीकृताः स्मः Ś.5. In this sense एतद् is sometimes used to give emphasis to the personal pronouns; एषो$हं कार्यवशादायोध्यिकस्तदानींतनश्च संवृत्तः U.1. -2 As the subject of a sentence it agrees in gender and number with the predicate without reference to the noun to which it refers; एतद् (शवला) मे धनम्; but may sometimes remain in the neuter; एतदेव गुरुषु वृत्तिः Ms.2.26. -3 It often refers to whatprecedes, especially when it is joined with इदम् or any other pronoun; एष वै प्रथमः कल्पः Ms.3.147; इति यदुक्तं तदेतच्चिन्त्यम्; एतानीमानि, एते ते &c. -4 It is used in connection with a relative clause, in which case the relative generally follows; प्रच्छन्नवञ्चकास्त्वेते ये स्तेनाटविकादयः Ms.9.257. ind. In this manner, thus, so, here, at this time, now. Note:- एतद् appears as the first member of compounds which are mostly self-explaining; e. g. ˚अतिरिक्त Besides this. ˚अनन्तर immediately after this; ˚अन्त ending thus; ˚अर्थः this matter; ˚अर्थे on this account, therefore; ˚अवधि to this limit, so far; ˚अवस्थ a. of such a state or condition. -Comp. -कालः the present time. -कालीन a. belonging to the present time. -क्षणात् ind. hence-forth. -द्वितीय a. one who does anything for the second time. -पर a. Intent on or absorbed in this. -प्रथम a. one who does anything for the first time. -योनिन् a. having one's origin in that. एतद्योनीनि भूतानि Bg.7.6.

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