dvigu द्विगु

Definition: name of a compound with a numeral as the first member. The compound is looked upon as a subdivision of the Tatpurusa comPoundThe dvigu compound, having collection as its general sense, is declined in the neuter gender and singular number; when it ends in अ the fem. affix ङी is added generally, e. g. पञ्चपात्रम्, त्रिभुवनम्, पञ्चमूली. The Dvigu comPound also takes place when a karmadharaya compound, having a word denoting a direction or a numeral as its first member, (a) has a tad. affix added to it e.g. पञ्चकपाळः (पुरोडाशः), or (b) has got a word placed after it in a compound e. g. पशञ्चगवधनः or (c) has a collective sense e.g. पञ्चपूली; cf. तद्वितार्थोत्तरपदसमाहारे च (P. II.1.51) also, cf Kas. and S. K. om P.II.1.51,52.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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