dvandvam द्वन्द्वम्

Definition: द्वन्द्वम् [द्वौ द्वौ सहाभिव्यक्तौ; cf. P.VIII.1.15. Sk.] 1 pair, couple. -2 A couple of animals (including even men) of different sexes, i. e. male and female; द्वन्द्वानि भावं क्रियया बिवव्रुः Ku.3.35; Me.45; न चेदिदं द्वन्द्वम- योजयिष्यत् Ku.7.66; R.1.4; Ś.2.15;7.27; अल्पं तुल्य- शीलानि द्वन्द्वानि सृज्यन्ते Pratimā 1. -3 A couple of opposite conditions or qualities, (such as सुख and दुःख; शीत and उष्ण); बलवती हि द्वन्द्वानां प्रवृत्तिः K.135; द्वन्द्वैरयोजयच्चेमाः सुख- दुःखादिभिः प्रजाः Ms. 1.26;6.81; सर्वर्तुनिर्वृतिकरे निवसन्नुपैति न द्वन्द्वदुःखमिह किंचिदकिंचनो$पि Śi.4.64. -4 A strife, contention, quarrel, dispute, fight. -5 A duel; Rām.6. 43.15. -6 Doubt, uncertainty. -7 A fortress, stronghold. -8 A secret. -9 A secret, or lonely place; द्वन्द्वे ह्येतत् प्रवक्तव्यं हितं वै यद्यवेक्षसे Rām.7.13.11. -न्द्वः 1 (In gram.) One of the four principal kinds of compounds, in which two or more words are joined together which, if not compounded, would stand in the same case and be connected by the copulative conjunction `and'; चार्थे द्वन्द्वः P.II.2.29; द्वन्द्वः सामासिकस्य च Bg.1.33; उभय- पदप्रधानो द्वन्द्वः Kāśikā 38. -2 A kind of disease. 3 (in music) A kind of measure. -4 The sign Gemini of the zodiac. -Comp. -आलापः a dialogue between two persons. -गर्भ a. (A बहुव्रीहि compound) having a द्वन्द्व compound within it. e. g. बृहद्रथन्तरे सामनी यस्य इति बृहद्रथन्तरसामा, where बृहद्रथन्तरे is a द्वन्द्व compound; ŚB. on MS.1.6.4. (opp. अनेकपदबहुव्रीहि). -चर, -चारिन् a. living in couples. (-m.) the ruddy goose; दयिता द्वन्द्वचरं पतत्त्रिणम् R.8.56;16.63. -ज, -दोषोत्थ a. 1 produced from morbid affection of two humours. -2 arising from a quarrel. -3 arising from a couple. -दुःखम् pain arising from opposite alternations (as heat and cold &c.); सर्वर्तु- निर्वृतिकरे निवसन्नुपैति न द्वन्द्वदुःखमिह किंचिदकिंचनो$पि Śi.4.64.-भावः antagonism, discord. -भिन्नम् separation of the sexes. -भूत a. 1 forming a couple. -2 doubtful, uncertain. -मोहः trouble caused by doubt. -युद्धम् a duel, a single combat.

Dictionary: Apte
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