dundubhiḥ दुन्दुभिः

Definition: दुन्दुभिः m. f. 1 A sort of large kettle-drum, drum; विजयदुन्दुभितां ययुरर्णवाः R.9.11. -m. 1 An epithet of Viṣṇu. -2 Of Kṛiṣṇa. -3 a kind of poison. -4 Name of a demon slain by Vāli. (When Sugrīva showed toRāma the skeleton of this demon to show him how powerful Vāli was, Rāma kicked it with but a gentle force, and threw it many miles away). -5 Name of Varuṇa. -6 Name of the 56th year in the cycle of संवत्सरs. -7 (f.) A pair of three spots on a die. दुन्दुभिर्दैत्यभेदे च वाद्ये वर्षे त्रिकद्वये Nm.

Dictionary: Apte
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