dugdha दुग्ध

Definition: दुग्ध p. p. [दुह्-क्त] 1 Milked, milked out. -2 Extracted, drawn out &c. -3 Collected, filled, full. -ग्धम् 1 Milk. -2 The milky juice of plants. -3 Milking. -Comp -अक्षः a kind of precious stone. -कूपिका a kind of cake. -अग्रम्, -अम्रम्, -तालीयम् the skim of milk, cream. -अङ्कः a kind of white stone. -दा a milch cow. -पाचनम् 1 a vessel for boiling milk; -2 a kind of salt. -पाषाणम् calcareous spar. -पोष्य a. living on the mother's milk (as a child), a suckling. -फेनः cream. -बन्धः, -बन्धकः the post to which a cow is tied before being milked. -बीजा 1 rice mixed with milk. -2 a kind of gourd. -समुद्रः, -अब्धिः the ocean of milk, one of the seven oceans. ˚तनया f. goddess Lakṣmī.

Dictionary: Apte
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