du दु

Definition: (also written -), cl.5. P. cl.4. A1. ( ) dunoti-, dūyate- (Epic also ti-; perfect tense dudāva-; future doṣyati-; Aorist adauṣīt-; infinitive mood dotum-), to be burnt, to be consumed with internal heat or sorrow (Pres. dunoti- ;but oftener dūyate-,which is at once Passive voice) etc. ; (only dun/oti-) to burn, consume with fire, cause internal heat, pain, or sorrow, afflict, distress : Causal dāvayati- Aorist adūduvat-: Desiderative dudūṣati-: Intensive dodūyate-, dodoti-. ([Cf. . for;, pain;Lit.davyti,to torment;Sl.daviti,to worry.])