duṣ दुष्

Definition: दुष् 4 P. (दुष्यति, दुष्ट) 1 To be bad or corrupted, be spoiled or suffer damage. -2 To be defiled or violated (as a woman &c.), be stained, be or become impure or contaminated; स्वल्पेनाप्यपकारेण ब्राह्मण्यमिव दुष्यति Pt.1. 66; Ms.7.24;9.318;1.12. -3 To sin, commit a mistake, be wrong. -4 To be unchaste or faithless. -Caus. (दूषयति-ते, but दूषयति-ते or दोषयति-ते in the sense of 'making depraved' or 'corrupting') 1 To corrupt, spoil, cause to perish, hurt, destroy, defile, taint, contaminate, vitiate, pollute (lit. and fig.); न भीतो मरणादस्मि केवलं दूषितं यशः Mk.1.27; पूरा दूषयति स्थलीम् R.12.3;8.68;1.47;12.4; Ms.5.1,14;7.195; Y.1.189; Amaru.72; न त्वेवं दूषयिष्यामि शस्त्रग्रहमहाव्रतम् Mv.3.8. 'shall not sully, violate or break &c.' -2 To corrupt the morals, demoralize. -3 To violate or dishonour (as a girl or another's wife); यो$कामां दूषयेत्कन्यां स सद्यो बधमर्हति Ms.8.364,368. -4 To abrogate, rescind, annul. -5 To blame, censure, find fault with, speak ill of, accuse; दूषितः सर्वलोकेषु निषादत्वं गमिष्यति Rām.; Y.1.66. -6 To adulterate. -7 To falsify. -8 To refute, disprove.

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