dhvananam ध्वननम्

Definition: ध्वननम् [ध्वन्-करणे ल्युट्] 1 Sounding. -2 Hinting at, suggesting or implying (as a meaning). -3 (In Rhet.) The same as व्यञ्जना q. v., or that power of a word or sentence by virtue of which it conveys a sense different from its primary or secondary meaning, suggestive power; cf. अञ्जन also वृत्तिर्व्यञ्जनध्वननगमनप्रत्यायनादिव्यपदेश- विषया व्यञ्जना नाम S. D. -4 Humming, indistinct utterance.

Dictionary: Apte
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