dhavala धवल

Definition: धवल a. [धवं कम्पं लाति ला-क; Tv.] 1 White; धवलातपत्र, धवलगृहम्, धवलवस्त्रम् &c. नीता येन निशा शशाङ्कधवला Ujjvalamaṇi. -2 Handsome. -3 Clear, pure. -लः 1 The white colour. -2 An excellent bull. -3 China camphor(चीनकर्पूर). -4 Name of a tree. (धव). -लम् White-pepper. -ला A woman with a white complexion. -ली A white cow; (धवला also). -Comp. -उत्पलम् the white water-lily (said to open at moonrise). -गिरिः Name of the highest peak of the Himālaya mountain. -गृहम् a house whitened with chunam, a place. -पक्षः 1 a goose; धवलपक्षविहंगमकूजितैः Śi.6.45. -2 the bright half of a lunar month. -मृत्तिका chalk.

Dictionary: Apte
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