dhātvarthe धात्वर्थे

Definition: lit. meaning of a root, the verbal activity, named क्रिया or भावः . cf. धात्वर्थः क्रिया; M. Bh. on III.2. 84, III.2.115. The verbal activity is described generally to be made up of a series of continuous subordinate activities carried on by the different karakas or agents and instruments of verbal activity helping the process of the main activity. When the process of the verbal activity is complete, the completed activity is looked upon as a substantive or dravya and a word denoting it, such as पाक,or याग does not get conjugational affixes, but it is regularly declined like a noun.Just as स्वार्थ, द्रब्य, लिङ्ग, संख्या, and कारक are given as प्रातिपदिकार्थ, in the same manner क्रिया, काल, पुरुष, वचन or संख्या, and कारक are given as धात्वर्थ, as they are shown by a verbal form, although strictly speaking verbal activity (क्रियorभाव) alone is the sense of a root, as stated in the Mahbhasya. For details see Vaiyak.Bh.Sara, where it is said that fruit (फल) and effort (ब्यापार) are expressed by a root, cf. फलव्यापारयोर्धातुः. The five senses given above are in fact conveyed not by a root, but by a verb or अाख्यात or तिडन्त.

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