dhṛtakanakamāla धृतकनकमाल

Definition: a. wear ing a golden wreath; -kûrkaka, a. wearing a beard; -klesa, a. bearing hardships; -gar bhâ, f. a. pregnant; -tâla, m.=vetâla; -danda, a. wielding the rod, punishing; being punished by (in.); -dvaidhî-bhâva, a. being at variance; -dhanus, m. archer; -niskaya, a. firmly resolved on (d.); -pûrva, a. worn before; -praga, a. having offspring; (á) râshtra, m. (whose kingdom is enduring), Name of the blind son of Vyâsa and elder brother of Pându; -vat, pp. act., v. √ dhri; -vrata, a. whose law or ordinance is settled; main taining ordinances; firmly resolved; devoted, attached; -sarîra, a. whose body continues to exist, living on; -srî, a. whose fortune is steadfast; -samkalpa, a. firmly resolved on (lc.).

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