ativah अतिवह्

Definition: अतिवह् 1 P. To carry over or across. -Caus. 1 To spend, pass (as time); किं वा मयापि न दिनान्यतिवाहितानि Māl.6.13; अतिवाहयां बभूवत्रियामाम् R.9.7; ऋतून् 19.47. -2 To let pass over, get through successfully; गुहा- विसारीण्यतिवाहितानि मया कथंचिद् घनगर्जितानि R.13.28 allowed to pass over my head, endured; स शापस्तेनातिवाहितः Ks. 33.91. -3 To rid oneself of, elude, avoid; अस्मिंस्तमाल- विटपान्धकारे प्रविश्य एनमतिवाहयावः Ratn.2; get out of his way, elude his pursuit (and thus cheat him). -4 To transplant, remove (to another place), bring or carry over; अलकामतिवाह्यैव वसतिं वसुसंपदाम् Ku.6.37. -5 To follow, tread (as a path; लोकातिवाहिते मार्गे Śarva. Ś.

Dictionary: Apte
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