dhṛta धृत

Definition: धृत p. p. [धृ-कर्मणि क्त] 1 Held, carried, borne, supported. -2 Possessed. -3 Kept, preserved, retained. -4 Seized, grasped, laid, hold of. -5 Worn, used, put on; किमित्यपास्याभरणानि यौवने धृतं त्वया वार्धकशोभि वल्कलम् Ku.5.44. -6 Placed, deposited. -7 Practised, observed. -8 Weighed. -9 (Actively used) Holding, bearing. -1 Intent upon. -11 Prepared, ready. -12 Resolved, firm; रिपुनिग्रहे धृतः Rām.4.27.47; see धृ also. -तम् 1 Falling. -2 State, existence. -3 Taking, seizing. -4 Wearing, putting on. -5 A particular manner of fighting. -Comp. -आत्मन् a. firm minded, steady, calm, collected. (-m.) an epithet of Viṣṇu. -उत्सेक a. haughty, arrogant; Rāj. T. -एकवेणि a. bearing a single braid of hair (as a sign of mourning); नियमक्षाममुखी धृतैकवेणिः Ś7.21. -गर्भ a. pregnant; Ks.7.83. -दण्ड a. 1 inflicting punishment. -2 one on whom punishment is inflicted; राजभिर्धृतदण्डास्तु कृत्वा पापानि मानवाः । निर्मलाः स्वर्गमायान्ति सन्तः सुकृतिनो यथा ॥ Ms.8.318. -दीधितिः fire. -पट a. covered with a cloth. -मानस a. firm-minded, bent upon; तपसे धृतमानसः Rām.7.9.46. -राजन् a. ruled by a good king (as a country). -राष्ट्रः 1 a good king. -2 a country ruled by a good king. -3 Name of the eldest son of Vyāsa by a widow of विचित्रवीर्य. [As the eldest son he was entitled to the throne, but being blind from birth, he renounced the sovereignty in favour of Pāṇḍu; but on his retirement to the woods, he undertook it himself, making Duryodhana, his eldest son, the virtual ruler. When Duryodhana, was killed by Bhīma, the old king thirsted for revenge, and expressed his desire to embrace Yudhiṣṭhira and Bhīma. K&rtod.;iṣṇa readily discovered his object, and convinced that Bhīma was marked out by the king as his prey, he caused an iron image of Bhīma to be made. And when the blind king rushed forward to embrace Bhīma, Kṛiṣṇa substituted the iron image which the revengeful old man pressed with so much force that it was crushed to pieces, and Bhīma escaped. Thus dis comfited, he, with his wife, repaired to the Himālaya and there died after some years.] -4 Name of a bird; L. D. B. -वर्मन् a clad in armour, mailed; -m. Name of a reputed king. -व्रत a. 1 observing vows, performing religious rites. -2 devoted, attached. -3 of a fixed law or order. (-तः) an epithet of (1) Indra. (2) Varuṇa. (3) Agni. (4) A king in the Puru dynasty.

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