datta दत्त

Definition: दत्त p. p. [दा कर्मणि-क्त] 1 Given, given away, presented. -2 Made over, delivered, assigned. -3 Placed, stretched forth. -4 Preserved, guarded; see दा. -त्तः 1 One of the twelve kinds of sons in Hindu law; (also called दत्त्रिम); माता पिता वा दद्यातां यमद्भिः पुत्रमापदि । सदृशं प्रीतिसंयुक्तं स ज्ञेयो दत्त्रिमः सुतः ॥ Ms.9.168. -2 A title added to the names of Vaiśyas; cf. the quotation under गुप्त. -3 Name of a son of Atri and Anasūyā; see दत्तात्रेय below. -त्तम् Gift, donation; य इमे ग्राम इष्टापूर्ते दत्तमित्युपासते Ch. Up.5.1.3; स्वदत्तकृतसाक्षी यो द्वितीय इव पावकः Rām.7.2.29. -Comp. -अनप (पा) कर्मन्, -अप्रदानिकम् non-delivery or resumption of gifts, one of the 18 titles of Hindu law; Ms.8.4. -अवधान a. attentive; दत्तावधानः कुसृतिष्विव ध्यानं ततान सः Ks.24.98. -आत्मन् m. an orphan or a son who being deserted by his parents, offers himself to persons disposed to adopt him; दत्तात्मा तु स्वयं दत्तः Y.2.131. -आत्रेयः Name of a sage, son of Atri and Anasūyā, considered as an incarnation of Brahmā, Viṣṇu and Maheśa; Bhāg. 9.23.24. -आदत्त a. given and received. -आदर a.1 showing respect, respectful. -2 treated with respect. -क्षण a. to whom occasion or a festival has been given; रेमे क्षणदया दत्तक्षणस्त्रीक्षणसौहृदः Bhāg.3.3.21. -दृष्टि a. looking at; Ś.1.7 (v. l.). -नृत्योपहार a. presented with the offering of a dance, i. e. complimented with a dance; बन्धुप्रीत्या भवनशिखिभिर्दत्तनृत्योपहारः Me.34. -शुल्का a bride for whom a dowry has been paid; Ms.9.97. -हस्त a. having a hand given for support, supported by the hand of; शंभुना दत्तहस्ता Me.6 'leaning on Śambhu's arm'; स कामरूपेश्वरदत्तहस्तः R.7.17; (fig.) being given a helping hand, supported, aided, assisted; दैवेनेत्थं दत्तहस्तावलम्बे Ratn.1.8; वात्या खेदं कृशाङ्ग्याः सुचिरमव- यवैर्दत्तहस्ता करोति Ve.2.21.

Dictionary: Apte
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