daivata दैवत

Definition: दैवत a. (-ती f.) [देवता-अण्] 1 Divine. -2 (At the end of an adj. comp.) Honouring or worshipping as one's deity, as in सूर्यदैवता जनाः -तम् A god, deity, divinity; मृदं गां दैवतं विप्रं घृतं मधु चतुष्पथं प्रदक्षिणानि कुर्वीत Ms.4.39, 153; U.4.4.; Amaru.3; हन्त प्रिया दैवतमस्य देवी Bhāg. 4.4.28. -2 A number of gods, the whole class of gods; Ve.2. -3 An idol. (The word is said to be m. also, but is rarely used in that gender. Mammata notices it as a fault called अप्रयुक्तत्व; see अप्रयुक्त). -4 Name of the third Kāṇḍa of Yāskas Nirukta. -Comp. -पतिः Name of Indra. -सरित् f. the Ganges.

Dictionary: Apte
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