dahara दहर

Definition: दहर a. [दह्-अर्] Small, subtle, fine, thin; अस्मिन् ब्रह्मपुरे दहरं पुण्डरीकं वेश्म Ch. Up.8.1.1. -2 Young in age. -3 Unintelligible. -रः 1 A child, an infant. -2 Any young animal. -3 A younger brother. -4 The cavity of the heart, or the heart itself; परिसरपद्धतिं हृदयमारुणयो दहरम् Bhāg.1.87.18; दहरकुहरवर्ती देवता चक्रवर्ती Viś. Guṇā.459. -5 A mouse or rat.

Dictionary: Apte
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