daghnac दघ्नच्

Definition: tad. affix दघ्न prescribed optionally with द्वयस and मात्र in the sense of measure (प्रमाणे), with ङीप् (ई) to be added further to form the fem. base, e. g. जानुदघ्नम्, जानुद्वयसम्, जानुमात्रम्, जानुदघ्नी, cf. P. V. 2.37 and IV.1.15; दघ्नच् is added optionally along with अण् as also with द्वयस and मात्र to the words पुरुष and हस्तिन् e.g. पुरुषद्वयसम्, पौरुषम् पुरुषदघ्नम्, पुरुषमात्रम्; cf. P. V. 2.38.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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