daṇḍakaḥ दण्डकः

Definition: दण्डकः 1 A stick, staff &c. (such as a handle of a parasol, the beam of a plough, the staff of a banner). -2 A line, row. -3 Name of a metre; see App. I. -कः, -का, -कम् Name of a celebrated district in the Deccan situated between the rivers Narmadā and Godāvarī (it was a vast region said to be tenantless in the time of Rāma); प्राप्तानि दुःखान्यपि दण्डकेषु R.14.25; किं नाम दण्डकेयम् U.2; क्वायोध्यायाः पुनरुपगमो दण्डकायां वने वः U.2.13,14,15. -Comp. -अरण्यम् the Daṇḍaka forest in the Deccan; Mb.3; also दण्डकावनम्.

Dictionary: Apte
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