dūṣaya दूषय

Definition: Nom. P. yati- (Epic also te-) to corrupt, spoil, contaminate, vitiate (of moral corruption also doṣayati-See 2. duṣ-) etc. ; to dishonour or violate (a woman) etc. ; (astrology) to cause evil or misfortune ; to adulterate, falsify ; to object, refute, disprove, blame etc. ; to retract or break (vācam-,one's word) ; to find fault with, accuse ; (paras-param-,each other) ; to offend, hurt, injure (genitive case)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: AV., Mn., MBh., Ka1v., Mn. viii , 364, MBh., Var., MBh. xiii , 1683, ib., Katha1s., MBh. xii , 7256, MBh., R., Pan5c. 450451, R. ii , 74 , 3, MBh. iv , 2228
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