dṛś दृश्

Definition: दृश् a. (At the end of comp.) 1 Seeing, superintending, surveying, viewing. -2 Discerning, knowing. -3 Looking like, appearing. (-f.) 1 Seeing, viewing, perceiving. -2 The eye, sight; स दधे दृशमुदग्रतारकाम् R.11.69. -3 Knowledge. -4 The number 'two'. -5 The aspect of a planet. -Comp. -अञ्चलः a side-long glance. -अध्यक्षः the sun. -कर्णः a snake. -कर्मन् n. an operation by which any planet of a certain latitude is referred to the ecliptic. -क्षयः decay or loss of sight, becoming dimsighted. -क्षेपः the sine of the zenith distance of the highest or central point of the ecliptic at a given time; cf. दृगज्या. -गविः the cosine of the zenith distance. -गोचर a. visible. (-रः) the range of sight. -छत्रम् an eye-lid; Rāj. T.8. -जलम् tears. -ज्या the sine of the zenith-distance. -तुल्य a. coincident with observation, or an observed place (in Astr.). -निमीलनम् a kind of game in which children play hide and seek (Mar. आंधळी कोशिंबीर) -पथः the range of sight. -पातः a look, glance. -प्रसादा a blue stone used for a collyrium. -प्रिया beauty, splendour. -भक्तिः f. a look of love, an amorous glance. -रुध a. obstructing the sight; Śi.19.76. -लम्बनम् vertical parallax. -विषः a snake. -वृत्तम् a vertical circle. -शक्तिः f. the faculty of perception. -श्रुतिः a snake, serpent. -संगमः the sight of and meeting with; यासां नाम्नापि कामः स्यात्संगमं दर्शनं विना । तासां दृक्संगमं प्राप्य यन्न द्रवति कौतुकम् ॥ Pt.4.33.

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