dṛś दृश्

Definition: (Pres. forms supplied by paś- q.v; perfect tense P. dad/arśa- etc. [2. sg. dadarśitha-and dadraṣṭha- ]; A1. dadṛś/e- [ d/adṛśe-,3 plural dṛśre- ; śrire- ]; parasmE-pada P. dadṛśv/as- ; sivas- ; darśivas- q.v; A1. d/adṛśāna- ; future P. -drakṣy/ati- etc.; A1. ṣyate-and future 2. draṣṭā- ; Aorist P. adarśam-, śas-, śat-,3 plural śur- ; 1 plural adarśma- ; adṛśma- ; subjunctive darśam-, śat-, śathas- ; A1.3 plural /adṛśran- ; śram- ; parasmE-pada dṛśān/a-or d/ṛśāna-[ confer, compare sub voce, i.e. the word in the Sanskrit order ] ; P. dṛśan-,3 plural /adṛśan- ; Potential dṛś/eyam- ; śema- ; P. adrākṣit-and adrāk- ; A1.3 plural /adṛkṣata-; subjunctive 2 sg. d/ṛkṣase- ; infinitive mood dṛś/e-and driś/aye- ; dr/aṣṭum- etc.; ind.p. dṛṣṭv/ā- etc.[ also dṛśya-], ṭvāya- ; -d/ṛśya- ; -darśam- ) to see, behold, look at, regard, consider etc. ; to see id est wait on, visit ; to see with the mind, learn, understand etc. ; to notice, care for, look into, try, examine ; to see by divine intuition, think or find out, compose, contrive (hymns, rites, etc.) : Passive voice dṛśy/ate- (Epic also ti-) Aorist ad/arśi- etc. to be seen, become visible, appear etc. ; to be shown or manifested, appear as (iva-), prove etc.: Causal P. A1. darśayati-, te- etc. ; Aorist adīdṛśat- ; adadarśat- , to cause to see or be seen, to show a thing (A1. especially of something belonging to one's self) or person (P.and A1.with or scilicet ātmānam-,also one's self) , to (accusative etc.; genitive case etc.; dative case etc.; instrumental case after A1.refl. ) ; to show = prove, demonstrate etc. ; to produce (money) id est pay ; (a witness) , : Desiderative A1. didṛkṣate- (Epic also ti-) to wish to see, long for (accusative) etc.: Desiderative of Causal didarśayiṣati-, to wish to show ; adidarśayiṣīt- : Intensive darīdṛśyate-, to be always visible ; darīdarṣṭi- or dard- [ confer, compare Greek , ; Gothic tarhjan.]

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
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