dṛṣṭa दृष्ट

Definition: दृष्ट p. p. [दृश्-कर्मणि-क्त] 1 Seen, looked, perceived, observed, beheld; उभयोरपि दृष्टो$न्तः Bg.2.16. -2 Visible, observable. -3 Regarded, considered; दृष्टो विवृत्य बहुशो$प्यनया सतृष्णम् Ś.3.1. -4 Occurring, found. -5 Appearing, manifested. -6 Known, learned, understood. -7 Determined, decided, fixed; तदहं यष्टुमिच्छामि शास्त्रदृष्टेन कर्मणा Rām.1.8.9. -8 Valid. -9 Allotted. -1 Experienced, suffered, endured, felt. -11 Treated of; see दृश्. -ष्टम् 1 Perception, observation. -2 Danger from dacoits. -Comp. -अदृष्ट a. 1 seen for the first time. -2 scarcely or hardly seen. -3 relating to the present and future life; दृष्टादृष्टक्रियासिद्धिर्न् भवेत्तादृगन्यथा Rāj. T.1. 13. -अन्तः, -तम् 1 an example, illustration, parable; पूर्णश्चन्द्रोदयाकाङ्क्षी दृष्टान्तो$त्र महार्णवः Śi.2.31; साध्यसाधर्म्यात् तद्धर्मभावो दृष्टान्त उदाहरणम् Gautamasutra. -2 (in Rhet.) a figure of speech in which an assertion or statement is illustrated by an example (distinguished from उपमा and प्रतिवस्तूपमा; see K. P.1 and R. G. ad. loc.). -3 a Śāstra or science; शोभार्थं विहितास्तत्र न तु दृष्टान्तः कृताः Mb.2.3.13. -4 death (cf. दिष्टान्त). -अर्थ a. 1 having the object or meaning obvious or quite apparent. -2 practical. -3 having a clear idea about anything. ˚आपत्तिः (see अर्थापत्तिः). -कष्ट, -दुःख &c. a. one who has experienced or suffered misery, inured to hardships. -कूटम् a riddle, an enigma. -दोष a. 1 found fault with, considered to be faulty; Ś.2. -2 vicious. -3 exposed, detected. -पृष्ठ a. running from a battlefield. -प्रत्यय a. 1 having confidence manifested. -2 convinced. -रजस् f. a girl arrived at puberty. -व्यतिकर a. 1 one who has experienced a misfortune. -2 one who foresees evil.

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