dākṣāyaṇī दाक्षायणी

Definition: दाक्षायणी [दक्षस्यापत्यं स्त्री इञि फक्-ङीप्] 1 Any one of the 27 lunar mansions (they being mythologically regarded as so many daughters of Dakṣa). -2 Name of Diti, wife of Kasyapa and mother of the demons. Bhāg.8.4.22. -3 Name of Pārvatī. -4 The lunar constellation called Revatī. -5 Name of Kadru or Vinatā. -6 Name of Aditi, mother of the gods. -7 The Dantī plant. -Comp. -पतिः 1 an epithet of Śiva. -2 the moon. -पुत्रः a god.

Dictionary: Apte
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