citra चित्र

Definition: चित्र a. [चित्र्-भावे अच्; चि-ष्ट्रन् वा Uṇ.4.163] 1 Bright, clear. -2 Variegated, spotted, diversified. -3 amusing, interesting, agreeable; Māl.1.4. -4 Various, different, manifold; Pt.1.136; Ms.9.248; Y.1.288. -5 Surprising, wonderful, strange; किमत्र चित्रम् R.5.33; Ś.2.15. -6 Perceptible, visible. -7 Conspicuous, excellent, distinguished; न यद्वचश्चित्रपदं हरेर्यशो जगत्पवित्रं प्रगृणीत कर्हिचित् Bhāg.1.5.1. -8 Rough, agitated (as the sea, opp सम). -9 Clear, loud, perceptible (as a sound). -त्रः 1 The variegated colour. -2 A form of Yama. -3 The Aśoka tree. -4 = चित्रगुप्त q. v. below. -त्रम् 1 A picture, painting, delineation चित्रे निवेश्य परिकल्पितसत्त्वयोगा Ś.2.9; पुनरपि चित्रीकृता कान्ता Ś.6.2,13,21 &c. -2 A brilliant ornament or ornament. -3 An extraordinary appearance, wonder. -4 A sectarial mark on the forehead. -5 Heaven, sky. -6 A spot. -7 The white or spotted leprosy. -8 (In Rhet.) The last of the three main divisions of Kāvya (poetry). (It is of two kinds शब्दचित्र and अर्थ-वाच्य-चित्र, and the poetical charm lies mainly in the use of figures of speech dependent on the sound and sense of words. Mammaṭa thus defines it :-- शब्दचित्रं वाज्यचित्रमव्यङ्ग्यं त्ववरं स्मृतम् K. P.1. As an instance of शब्दचित्र may be cited the following verse from R. G. मित्रात्रिपुत्रनेत्राय त्रयीशात्रवशत्रवे । गोत्रारिगोत्रजैत्राय गोत्रात्रे ते नमो नमः ॥ -9 Anything bright which strikes the eye. -1 Playing upon words, punning, using conundrums, riddles &c. -11 A lotus. ...... मङ्गले तिलके हेम्नि व्योम्नि पद्मे नपुंसकम् । Nm. -त्रम् ind. Oh !, how strange !, what a wonder ! चित्रं बधिरो नाम व्याकरणमध्येष्यते Sk. -Comp. -अक्षी, -नेत्रा, -लोचना a kind of bird commonly called Sārikā. -अङ्ग a. striped, having a spotted body. (-ङ्गः) 1 a kind of snake. -2 Name of Arjuna. (-ङ्गम्) 1 vermilion. -2 yellow orpiment. -अङ्गद a. decked with brilliant bracelets. (-दा) Name of a wife of Arjuna and mother of Babhruvāhana. -अङ्गदसूः f. an epithet of Satyavatī, mother of Vyāsa. -अन्नम् rice dressed with coloured condiments; Y.1.34. -अपूपः a kind of cake. -अर्पित a. committed to a picture, painted. ˚आरम्भ a. painted; चित्रार्पितारम्भ इवावतस्थे R.2.31; Ku.3.42. -आकृतिः f. a painted resemblance, portrait. -आयसम् steel. -आरम्भः a painted scene, outline of a picture; V.1.4. v. l. -उक्तिः f. 1 agreeable or frequentdiscourse; जयन्ति ते पञ्चममित्रचित्रोक्तिसंदर्भविभूषणेषु Vikr.1. -2 a voice from heaven. -3 a surprising tale. -ओदनः boiled rice coloured with turmeric &c. -कण्ठः pigeon. -कथालापः telling agreeable or charming stories. -कम्बलः 1 painted cloth used as an elephant's housing -2 a variegated carpet. -कर 1 a painter. -2 an actor. -कर्मन् n. 1 an extraordinary act; धीर्न चित्रीयते कस्माद- भित्तौ चित्रकर्मणा Ks.6.5. -2 ornamenting, decorating. -3 a picture; Mu.2.4. -4 magic. (-m.) 1 a magician, one who works wonders. -2 a painter. ˚विद् m. 1 a painter. -2 a magician. -कायः 1 a tiger in general. -2 a leopard or panther. -कारः 1 a painter. -2 Name of a mixed tribe; (स्थपतेरपि गान्धिक्यां चित्रकारो व्यजायत Parāśara). -कूटः Name of a hill and district near Prayāga; दृप्तः कुकुद्मानिव चित्रकूटः R.12;15;13.47, U.1. -कृत् a. astonishing, surprising. (-m.) a painter. -कोलः a kind of lizard. -क्रिया, -कृत्यम् painting; आहूय स्वसुता- वासे चित्रकृत्ये न्ययुङ्क्त माम् Ks.71.82. -क्षत्र a. Ved. having manifold power, or one whose wealth is visible; चित्रक्षत्र चित्रतमं वयोधाम् Rv.6.6.7. -ग, -गत a. 1 painted, drawn in a picture; संपूर्णलक्षणा देवी प्रतिभाति स्म चित्रगा Ks.5.31. -2 coloured, variegated. -गन्धम् yellow orpiment. -गुप्तः one of the beings in Yama's world recording the vices and virtues of mankind; नामान्येषां लिखामि ध्रुवमहम- धुना चित्रगुप्तः प्रमार्ष्टु Mu.1.2. -गृहम् a painted room. -जल्पः a random or incoherent talk, talk on various subjects. -तण्डुलम् a medicinal plant said to possess anthelmintic virtues. -त्वच् m. the Bhūrja tree. -दण्डकः the cotton-plant. -धा ind. in many ways; तर्कयामास चित्रधा Bhāg.3.13.2. -न्यस्त a. painted, drawn in a picture; Ku.2.24. -पक्षः the francoline partridge. -पटः, -ट्टः 1 a painting, a picture. -2 a coloured or chequered cloth. -पद a. 1 divided into various parts. -2 full of graceful expressions. -पादा the bird called Sārikā. -पिच्छकः a peacock. -पुङ्खः a kind of arrow. -पृष्ठः a sparrow. -प्रतिकृतिः f. representation in colours, a painting, a picture. -फलः, -फलकः A kind of large flat fish; L. D. B. -फला 1 A smaller kind of flat fish. -2 Name of several plants. -फलकम् a tablet for painting, a picture-board. -बर्हः a peacock; -भानु a. of a variegated colour, shining with light; चित्रभानुरुषसां भात्यग्रे R.7.9.3; प्रपूर्वगौ पूर्वजौ चित्रभानू Mb.1.3.57. (-नुः) 1 fire; पुच्छैः शिरोभिश्च भृशं चित्रभानुं प्रपेदिरे Mb.1.53. 5. -2 the sun; (चित्रभानुर्विभातीति दिने रवौ रात्रौ वह्नौ K. P. 2 given as an instance of one of the modes of अञ्जन). -3 Name of Bhairava. -4 the Arka plant. -5 Śiva. -6 an epithet of the Aśvins. -7 the first year of the first cycle of Jupiter. -भाष्यम् A diplomatic speech; Mb. 5.35.71. -भूत a. painted. -मण्डलः a kind of snake. -मृगः the spotted antelope. -मेखलः a peacock. -योधिन् a. fighting in a wonderful manner; लब्धास्त्रश्चित्रयोधी च मनस्वी च दृढवतः 5.17.3. (-m.) an epithet of Arjuna. -रथः 1 the sun. -2 Name of a king of the Gandharvas, one of the sixteen sons of Kaśyapa by his wife Muni; अत्र मुनेस्तनयश्चित्रसेनादीनां पञ्चदशानां भ्रातॄणामधिको गुणैः षोडश- श्चित्ररथो नाम समुत्पन्नः K.136; V.1. -लिखनम् painting. -लिखित a. 1 painted. -2 dumb, motionless (as in a picture). -लेख a. of beautiful outlines, highly arched; रुचिस्तव कलावती रुचिरचित्रलेखे श्रुवौ Gīt.1. (-खा) 1 a portrait, picture. -2 Name of a friend and companion of Uṣā, daughter of Bāṇa. [When Uṣā related to her her dream, she suggested the idea of taking the portraits of all young princes in the neighbourhood; and on Uṣā's recognising Aniruddha, Chitralekhā, by means of her magical power, conveyed him to her palace.] -लेखकः a painter. -लेखनिका a painter's brush. -वदालः the sheat-fish. -वनम् Name of a forest near the Gaṇḍakī. -वाजः a cock. -विचित्र a. 1 variously coloured, variegated. -2 multiform. -विद्या the art of painting. -शाला a painter's studio. -शिखण्डिन् m. an epithet of the seven sages :--मरीचि, अङ्गिरस्, अत्रि, पुलस्त्य, पुलह, क्रतु and वसिष्ठ; मरीचिरत्र्यङ्गिरसौ पुलस्त्यः पुलहः क्रतुः । वसिष्ठश्च महातेजास्ते हि चित्रशिखण्डिनः ॥ Mb.12.335.29. ˚जः an epithet of Bṛihaspati. -शिरस् m. -शीर्षकः a kind of venomous insect. -श्रीः great or wonderful beauty. -संस्थ a. painted. -हस्तः a particular position of the hands in fighting.

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