caturbāhu चतुर्बाहु

Definition: a. four-armed; -bila, a. having four apertures; -bhâgá, m. fourth, quarter; -bhuga, a. four-armed, ep. of Vishnu or Krishna; -bhûmika, a. four-storied; -mâsî, f. period of four months; -mukha, a. four-faced; ep. of Brahman, Vishnu, and Siva: -samîrita, pp. uttered by the four mouths; -muhûrtam, ac. for four muhûrtas; -mûrti, a. having four forms or faces; -yuga, n. the four ages; a. comprising the four ages; -vak tra, a. four-faced; ep. of an attendant of Durgâ; -varga, m. aggregate of four: esp. the four goods of life, the good (artha), the pleasant (kâma), the useful (artha), and final liberation (moksha):-kintâmani, m. T. of a work; -varna-maya, a. consisting of the four castes; -varsha-sata½âyus, a. attaining an age of 400 years; -vimsá, a. (î) twenty-fourth; consisting of twenty-four; m. Name of a stoma in which three verses are chanted eight times; n. the day on which it is employed; -vimsat, f. twenty-four; (kátur)-vimsati, f. sg. and (rarely) pl. id.: -kritvas, ad. twenty-four times, -tama, a. twenty-fourth, y-aha, m. sg. twenty-four days; -vimsika, n.=katur-vimsa, m.; -vidha, a. fourfold: -m, ad.; -vîra, m. kind of Soma rite lasting four days; -veda, m. pl. the four Vedas; a. containing or fami liar with the four Vedas; -vedin, a. versed in the four Vedas; (kátur)-hanu, a. four-jawed.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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