catuṣka चतुष्क

Definition: चतुष्क a. [चतुरवयवं चत्वारो$वयवा यस्य वा कन्] 1 Consisting of four. -2 Increased by four; द्विकं त्रिकं चतुष्कं च पञ्चकं च शतं समम् Ms.8.142 (i. e. 12, 13, 14, or 15, or interest at the rate of 2 to 5 percent). -ष्कम् 1 The number 'four'. -2 A collection of four. -3 cross-way -4 A quadrangular courtyard. -5 A hall resting on (four) pillars, a hall or saloon in general; Ku.5.68, 7.9. -6 A necklace of four strings. -7 A stand or a seat with four feet (Mar. चौरंग); चतुष्कैर्मञ्चकैश्चापि ... Śiva. B.22.62. -ष्की 1 A large four sided pond. -2 A mosquito curtain.

Dictionary: Apte
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