carya चर्य

Definition: चर्य a. [चर्-कर्मणि यत्] To be gone; to be practised &c. -र्या 1 Going about, moving, walking about; driving or going in a carriage; रथ˚ U.5. -2 Course, motion; as in सहचर्या. -3 Behaviour, conduct, deportment. -4 Practice, performance, observance; Ms.1.111; व्रतचर्या, तपश्चर्या. -5 Regular performance of all rites or customs. -6 Eating. -7 A custom, usage; Ms.6.32. -8 Pervading; visiting. -र्यम् 1 Going about. -2 Behaviour, conduct.

Dictionary: Apte
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