carkarīta चर्करीत

Definition: a term used by the ancient grammarians in connection with a secondary root in the sense of frequency; the term यङ्लुगन्त is used by comparatively modern grammarians in the same sense. The चर्करीत roots are treated as roots of the adadi class or second conjugation and hence the general Vikarana अ (शप्) is omitted after them.The word is based on the 3rd pers. sing form चर्करीति from .the root कृ in the sense of frequency; e.g. चर्करीति, चर्कर्ति, बोभवीति बोभोति; cf. चर्करीतं च a gana-sutra in the gana named ’adadi’ given by Panini in connection with अदिप्रभृतिभ्य; शपः Pan. II.4.72; cf. also चर्करीतमिति यङ्लुकः प्राचां संज्ञा Bhasa Vr. on P. II. 4.72, The word चेक्रीयित is similarly used for the frequentative when the sign of the frequentative viz. य (यङ्) is not elided. See चेक्रीयित.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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