car चर्

Definition: चर् 1 P. (चरति, चचार, अचारीत्, चरितुम्, चरित or sometimes चीर्ण) 1 To walk, move, go about, roam, wander; नष्टाशङ्का हरिणशिशवो मन्दमन्दं चरन्ति Ś.1.15 (चर् may mean here 'to graze' also); इन्द्रियाणां हि चरताम् Bg.2.67; कपय- श्चेरुरार्तस्य रामस्येव मनोरथाः R.12.59; Ms.2.23,6.68; 8.236;9.36;1.55. -2 (a) To perform, do, act; रचयति रेखाः सलिले यस्तु खले चरति सत्कारम् Bv.1.98. (b) To practise, perform, observe; चरतः किल दुश्चरं तपः R.8.79; Y.1.6; Ms.3.3. -3 To act, behave towards, conduct oneself (oft. with loc. of the person); चरतीनां च कामतः Ms.5.9;9.287; आत्मवत्सर्वभूतेषु यश्चरेत् Mb; तस्यां त्वं साधु नाचरः R.1.76 (where the root may be also आचर्). -4 To graze; सुचिरं हि चरन् शस्यम् H.3.9. -5 To eat, consume. -6 To be engaged in, be busy with. -7 To live, continue to be, continue in any state. -8 To spread, be diffused. -9 To live, be, exist. -1 To move, travel through, pervade, go along, follow. -Caus. (चार- यति) 1 To cause to move or go. -2 To send, direct, move. -3 To drive away. -4 To cause to perform or practise. -5 To cause to copulate. -6 To cause to graze, pasture. -7 To obtain knowledge of, acquaint oneself with. -8 To doubt. [cf. L. curro.]

Dictionary: Apte
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