cakrin चक्रिन्

Definition: चक्रिन् a. [चक्रमस्त्यस्य इनि] 1 Having a wheel, wheeled. -2 Bearing a discus. -3 Driving in a carriage. -4 circular, round. -5 Indicative (सूचक). -m. 1 An epithet of Viṣṇu or Kṛiṣṇa, Śi.13.22; प्रणेमुः पाण्डवा भीष्मं सानुगाः सह चक्रिणा Bhāg.1.9.4. -2 A potter. -3 An oilman. -4 An emperor, a universal monarch, absolute ruler. -5 The governor of a province. -6 An ass. -7 The ruddy goose. -8 An informer. -9 A snake. -1 A crow. -11 A kind of tumbler or juggler.

Dictionary: Apte
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