caitya चैत्य

Definition: चैत्य a. Relating to a pile. -त्यः The individual soul. -त्यम् 1 The ant-hill; नागहेतोः सुपर्णेन चैत्यमुन्मथितं यथा Rām.4.19.24. -2 A pile of stones forming a landmark. -3 A monument, tomb-stone. -4 A sacrificial shed; देवस्थानेषु चैत्येषु नागानामालयेषु च Mb.3.19.67; कच्चिच्चैत्यशतैर्जुष्टः Rām.2.1.43; प्रासादगोपुरसभाचैत्यदेव- गृहादिषु Bhāg.9.11.27. -5 A place of religious worship, altar, sanctuary. -6 A temple. -7 A reflection. -8 A religious fig-tree or any tree growing by the side of streets; चैत्ययूपाङ्किता भूमिर्यस्येयं सवनाकरा Mb.1.1.229; Me.23 (रथ्यावृक्ष Malli.) -Comp. -अग्निः sacred fire, Pañch.1.6. -तरुः, -द्रुमः, -वृक्षः a fig-tree standing on a sacred spot. -पालः the guardian of a sanctuary. -मुखः a hermit's water-pot.

Dictionary: Apte
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