buddha बुद्ध

Definition: pp. (√ budh) awakened, fully awake; expanded (flower); enlightened, wise; known, observed; m. enlightened person who is qualified by good works and knowledge of the truth for Nirvâna and reveals the true doctrine of salvation to the world before his decease (B.); the historical Buddha, named Sâkya-muni Gautama, the founder of the Buddhist religion, who was born in Magadha and died about 477 b. c.; -gayâ, f. Buddha's Gayâ, the Buddhistic name of the town of Gayâ (so called because Buddha obtained true knowledge there); -ghosha, m. Name of a celebrated Buddhist scholar who lived at the beginning of the fifth century a. d. (the N. is not quotable in Sanskrit); -tva, n. Buddha hood; -datta, m. Name of a minister; -dharma, m. Buddha's law; -pâlita, m. Name of a pupil of Nâgârguna; -mârga, m. way or doctrine of Buddha; -rakshita, m. N.: â, f. N.; -½âgama, m. Buddha's doctrine; -½anta, m. waking condition.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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