brahmanirvāṇa ब्रह्मनिर्वाण

Definition: n. extinction or absorption in Brahman (n.); -nishtha, a. absorbed in the contemplation of Brahman (n.); -nîda, n. resting-place of Brahman (n.); -pattra, n. Brahman's leaf=leaf of the Palâsa tree (Butea frondosa); -patha, m. path to Brahman (m. or n.); -pada, n. place of Brahman (n.); pârâyana, n. complete study or entire text of the Veda; -putrá, m. son of a priest or Brâhman; son of the god Brahman; kind of vegetable poison; Name of a large river rising in the eastern Himâlayas and falling into the bay of Bengal; Name of a lake; -pura, n. Brahman's citadel (in heaven); Name of a city (Theopolis): î, f. id.; ep. of the city of Benares; -puraka, m. pl. Name of a people; -pura½âkhya, a. named Brahmapura; -purâna, n. T. of a Purâna; -purusha, m. servant of the Brahman priest; servant of the god Brahman; -prakriti-ka, a. having Brahman as its source (world): -tva, n. origination from Brahman; -priya, a. found of devotion; -prî, a. id. (RV.); -bandhava, n. function of a priest's assistant; -bandhu, m. priest fellow (used contemptuously), unworthy Brâhman, Brâhman in caste only, nominal Brâhman; sp. Brâhman who does not perform the morning and the evening Samdhyâ ceremony (according to Sâyana); -bindu, m. Dot (Anusvâra) of Brahman, T. of an Upani shad; -bîga, n. seed of the Veda, the sacred syllable &open;om;&close; -bruvâna, pr. pt. Â. calling himself or pretending to be a Brâhman; -bhavana, n. abode of Brahman; -bhâgá, m. share of the Brahman priest; -bhâva, m. absorption in the Absolute; -bhâvana, a. manifesting or teaching the Veda; -bhid, a. dividing the one Brahman into many; -bhuvana, n. world of Brahman; -bhûta, pp. having become one with, i.e. absorbed in Brahman or the Abso lute; -bhûya, n. identification with or absorption in Brahman; rank of a Brâhman, Brâhmanhood; -bhûyas, a. becoming one with Brahman; n. absorption in Brahman; -bhrashta, pp. having forfeited sacred knowledge; -ma&ndot;gala-devatâ, f. ep. of Lakshmî; -matha, m. Name of a monastic school or college; -maya, a. (î) consisting or formed of Brahman; -maha, m. festival in honour of Brâhmans; -mîmâmsâ, f. inquiry into the nature of Brahman, the Vedânta philosophy; -yagñá, m. sacrifice of devotion=Vedic reci tation or study (one of the five daily sacri fices of the householder); -yasas, n.: -a, n. glory of Brahman; -yasas-in, a. possessing the glory of Brâhmans; -yúg, a. yoked by prayer = bringing the god in answer to prayer; -yoni, f. home of Brahman (n.); a. having one's home in Brahman; sprung from Brahman: -stha, a. abiding in Brahman (n.) as one's source; -rakshas, n. kind of evil demon; -ratna, n. valuable present bestowed on Brâh mans; -ratha, m. Brâhman's cart; -râkshasa, m. kind of evil demon; -râga, m. N.; -râta, m.given by Brahman, ep. of Suka; Name of Yâgñavalkya's father; -râsi, m. entire mass or circle of Vedic texts or sacred knowledge.

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