bodhiḥ बोधिः

Definition: बोधिः [बुध्-इन्] 1 Perfect wisdom or enlightenment; इत्यभिहितो बोधौ जिनः पातु वः Nāg.1.1. स रतिमुपसिषेवे बोधि- मापन्न यावत् Bu. Ch.2.56. -2 The enlightened intellect of a Buddha. -3 The sacred fig-tree. -4 A cock. -5 An epithet of Buddha. -Comp. -अङ्गम् a requisitefor attaining perfect knowledge. -तरुः, -द्रुमः, -वृक्षः the sacred fig-tree, -दः an arhat (of the Jainas). -मण्डलम् Name of the place where Gautama Buddha attained to perfect wisdom. -सत्त्वः 1 a Buddhist saint, one who is on the way to the attainment of perfect knowledge and has only a certain number of births to undergo before attaining to the state of a Supreme Buddha and complete annihilation (this position could be attained by a long series of pious and virtuous deeds); एवंविधैर्विलसितैरतिबोधिसत्त्वैः Māl.1.21; उद्योतयन्नुत्त- मबोधिसत्त्वः Bu. Ch.1.16. -2 Name of the principal Buddha of the present era.

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