bhuvana भुवन

Definition: n. being, creature, existing thing (V.); world, earth (three worlds, and sts. seven or fourteen are assumed); kingdom (fourteen are spoken of as existing on earth); place of existence, abode (V.): -kosa, m. sphere of the world, globe; -kandra, m. N.; -karita, n. doings of the world; -tala, n. surface of the earth; earth; -traya, n. the three worlds (heaven, air, earth); -dvaya, n. the two worlds (heaven and earth); -dvish, m. enemy of the world or earth; (bhúvana)-pati, m. lord of creatures or the world (V.); -pâvana, a. (î) purifying the world: î, f. ep. of the Ganges; -bhartri, m. lord of the world; -matî, f. Name of a princess; -mâtri, f. mother of the world, Durgâ; -râga, m. Name of a prince; -vidita, pp. famed in the world; -vrittânta, m. events of the world; -sâsin, m. ruler of the world, king.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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