bhram भ्रम्

Definition: cl.1 P. () bhramati- (Epic also te-) and cl.4 P. (), bhrāmyati- (Potential bhramyāt- ; perfect tense babhrāma-,3. plural babhramuḥ-or bhremuḥ- etc.; future bhramitā- grammar; bhramiṣyati- ; Aorist abhramīt- ; infinitive mood bhramitum-or bhrāntum- etc.; ind.p. bhramitvā-, bhrāntvā-, -bhrāmya- ), to wander or roam about, rove, ramble (with deśam-,to wander through or over a country;with bhikṣām-,go about begging) etc. ; to fly about (as bees) ; to roll about (as the eyes) ; to wag (as the tongue) ; to quiver (as the fetus in the womb) ; to move to and fro or unsteadily, flicker, flutter, reel, totter ; to move round, circulate, revolve (as stars) ; to spread, be current (as news) ; to waver, be perplexed, doubt, err : Passive voice Aorist abhrāmi- (impersonal or used impersonally,with te-,"you have wandered or roamed about") : Causal bhrāmayati- (mc. also te-; Aorist abibhramat-: Passive voice bhrāmyate-), to cause to wander or roam, drive or move about, agitate etc. ; (with paṭaham-or ha-ghoṣaṇām-), to move a drum about, proclaim by beat of drum ; to cause to move or turn round or revolve, swing, brandish etc. ; to drive through (accusative) in a chariot ; to disarrange ; to cause to err, confuse ; to move or roam about (Aorist abibhramat-; Bombay edition ababhramat-) : Desiderative bibhramiṣati- grammar : Intensive bambhramīti-, bambhramyate- (also with pass. meaning) and bambhrānti- (only grammar), to roam about repeatedly or frequently, wander through, circumambulate [ confer, compare Greek ; Latin fremere; German bre0men,brimmen,brummen; English brim,brim-stone.]