bhogin भोगिन्

Definition: भोगिन् a. [भोग-इनि] 1 Eating. -2 Enjoying. -3 Suffering, experiencing, enduring. -4 Using, possessing (at the end of comp. in these four senses.) -5 Having curves, having large body; अभवन् पन्नगास्रस्ता भोगिनस्तत्र- वासिनः Rām.6.5.35 (com.). -6 Having hoods. -7 Devoted to enjoyment, indulging in sensual pleasures; भोगिनः कञ्चुकाविष्टाः कुटिलाः क्रूरचेष्टिताः । सुदुष्टा मन्त्रसाध्याश्च राजानः पन्नगा इव ॥ Pt.1.65 (where it has sense 6 also). -8 Rich, opulent. -m. 1 A snake; गजाजिनालम्बि पिनद्धभोगि वा Ku.5.78; R.2.32;4.48;1.7;11.59. -2 A king. -3 A voluptuary. -4 A barber. -5 The headman of a village. -6 The lunar mansion आश्लेषा. -नी 1 A woman belonging to the king's harem, but not consecrated with him, the concubine of a king. -2 A kind of heroine. -Comp. -इन्द्रः, ईशः Śeṣa or Vāsuki. -कान्तः wind, air. -भुज् m. 1 an ichneumon. -2 a peacock. -राज् m. Śeṣa, the lord of snakes; भुजे भोगिराजो गले कालिमा च. -वल्लभम् sandal.

Dictionary: Apte
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