bhinnakāla भिन्नकाल

Definition: a. overstepping the time; -kûta, a. employing different strata gems; -krama, a. having the wrong order, displaced; -ganda-karata, a. whose temples are streaming (elephant); -garbha, a. (hav ing a discordant interior=) suffering from in ternal dissensions, disorganized (army); -gâti, a. pl. of different rank; -gâtîya, a. various; -tva, n. difference from (--°ree;); -darsin, a. see ing a difference, distinguishing; -desa, a. occurring in different places: -tva, n. occur rence in widely distant places; -prakâra, a. of a different sort; -mantra, a. having be trayed counsel; -maryâda, a. breaking down or transgressing the bounds; -ruki, a. having different tastes; -li&ndot;ga, n. incongruity of gender in a simile: -ka, a. (i-kâ) containing words of different gender; -vakana, a. con taining words of different number; n. incon gruity of numberin a simile; -varna, a. co lourless; -vritta, pp. behaving irregularly, leading a bad life; -vritti, a. having differ ent occupations; having a different vocation; leading an evil life: -tâ, f. abst. N.; -½añgana, n. mixed collyrium (applied with oil): -var- na, a. having the colour of mixed collyrium: -tâ, f. abst. N.; -½artha, a. having a different object; having a distinct sense, clear, intel ligible: -tâ, f. clearness, intelligibility.

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