bheda भेद

Definition: m. 1. act. vbl. n. breaking, splitting, cleaving, bursting, piercing, per forating, rending; division, separation; be trayal (of a secret); disturbance, interruption, infringement; sowing dissension, winning over an ally (one of the four Upâyas); lead ing astray, seduction; 2. ps. vbl. n. (being broken etc.), bursting, rupture, breach; in jury, hurt; bursting open, blossoming; sprout ing (of the beard); contraction (of the brows); disunion, dissension, between (in.), in (--°ree;); change, alteration, modification; distinction, difference; 3. concrete: division, part; cleft, fissure, chasm; variety, species, kind.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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