bharataḥ भरतः

Definition: भरतः [भरं तनोति तन्-ड] 1 Name of the son of Duṣyanta and Śakuntalā, who became a universal monarch (चक्रवर्तिन्), India being called Bharatavarṣa after him. He was one of the remote ancestors of the Kauravas and Pāṇḍavas; cf. Ś.7.33. -2 Name of a brother of Rāma, son of Kaikeyī, the youngest wife of Daśaratha. He was very pious and righteous, and was so much devoted to Rāma that when the latter prepared to go to the forest in accordance with the wicked demand of Kaikeyī, he was very much grieved to find that his own mother had sent his brother into exile, and refusing the sovereignty that was his own, ruled the kingdom in the name of Rāma (by bringing from him his two sandals and making them the 'regents' of the realm) till he returned after his fourteen years' exile. भरतो नाम कैकेय्यां जज्ञे सत्यपराक्रमः । साक्षाद्विष्णोश्चतुर्भागः सर्वैः समुदितो गुणैः ॥ Rām.1.18.13. -3 Name of an ancient sage who is supposed to have been the founder of the science of music and dramaturgy. -4 An actor, a stage-player; तत्किमित्युदासते भरताः Māl.1. -5 A hired soldier, mercenary. -6 A barbarian, mountaineer. -7 An epithet of Agni. -8 A weaver. -9 Name of the sage Jaḍabharata. -Comp. -अग्रजः 'the elder brother of Bharata', an epithet of Rāma; अस्त्येव मन्युर्भरताग्रजे मे R.14.73. -ऋषभः Name of Viśvāmitra. ऋषभः, -शार्दूलः,-श्रेष्ठः the best or most distinguished of the descendants of Bharata. -खण़्डम् Name of a part of India; भरतवर्षे भरतखण्डे जम्बुद्वीपे दण्डकारण्ये. -ज्ञ a. knowing the science of Bharata or the dramatic science. -पुत्रः, -पुत्रकः an actor; a mime. -वर्षः 'the country of Bharata', i. e. India. -वाक्यम् the last verse or verses in a drama, a sort of benediction (said to be in honour of Bharata, the founder of the dramatic science); तथापीदमस्तु भरत- वाक्यम् (occurring in every play); cf. Nāg.5 (end.) -शास्त्रम् = नाट्यशास्त्रम्.

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