bharadvāja भरद्वाज

Definition: Is the name of the reputed author of the sixth Mandala of the Rigveda. The attribution is so far correct that Bharadvāja and the Bharadvājas are repeatedly mentioned as singers in that Mandala. Judging by the tone of the references to Bharadvāja, he can hardly be deemed to have been a con­temporary of any of the hymns. According to the Pañcavimśa Brāhmaṇa, he was the Purohita of Divodāsa. This interpretation is to be preferred to that of Roth, who suggests that he and Divodāsa were identical. His connexion with the house of Divodāsa also appears from the statement of the Kāthaka Samhitā that Bharadvāja gave Pratardana the kingdom. It is unnecessary to suppose that the same Bharadvāja was meant in both cases, and that Pratardana was a son of Divodāsa : the later Saṃhitās refer to Bharadvāja, like the other great sages, irrespective of chronology. The Bharadvājas in their poems mention Brbu, Brsaya, and the Pārāvatas. Hillebrandt has pointed out that they are also connected with the Srfljayas. In particular, the śāñkhāyana śrauta Sūtra mentions that Bharadvāja gained largesse from Prastoka Sārñjaya and Bṛbu. But it is very doubtful if it is correct to place all these people and Divodāsa in Arachosia and Drangiana. Bharadvāja as an author and a seer is frequently referred to in the later Samhitās and the Brāhmanas.

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