bhagna भग्न

Definition: भग्न p. p. [भञ्ज्-क्त] 1 Broken, fractured, shattered, torn; रथोद्वहनखिन्नाश्च भग्ना मे रथवाजिनः Rām.6.14.16. -2 Frustrated, foiled, disappointed. -3 Checked, arrested, suspended. -4 Marred, impaired. -5 Routed, completely defeated or vanquished; त्वर तेन महाबाहो भग्न एष न संशयः Rām.6.88.4; U.5. -6 Demolished, destroyed. (See भञ्ज्). -ग्नम् Fracture of the leg. -Comp. -अस्थि a. one whose bones are broken. ˚बन्धः a splint. -आत्मन् m. an epithet of the moon. -आपद् a. one who has surmounted difficulties or misfortunes. -आश a. disappointed; भग्नशस्य करण्डपीडिततनोर्म्लानेन्द्रियस्य क्षुधा Bh.2.84. -उत्साह a. broken in energy, depressed in spirits, discouraged, damped. -उद्यम a. foiled in one's endeavours, disappointed, baffled; मन्ये दुर्जन- चित्तवृत्तिहरणे धाता$पि भग्नोद्यमः H.2.165. -क्रमः violation of symmetry in construction or expression; see प्रक्रमभङ्ग. -चेष्ट a. disappointed, frustrated. -तालः (in music) a kind of measure. -दंष्ट्र a. having the fangs broken. -दर्प a. humbled, crest-fallen. -निद्र a. whose sleep is interrupted. -परिणाम a. preventing from finishing. -पादर्क्षम् Name of six नक्षत्रs collectively (viz. पुनर्वसू, उत्तरा- षाढा, कृत्तिका, उत्तराफल्गुनी, पूर्वभाद्रपदा and विशाखा). -पार्श्व a. suffering from a pain in the sides. -पृष्ठ a. 1 having a broken back. -2 coming in front. -प्रकृमः 1 disorder, confusion. -2 absence of regularity or symmetry; see प्रक्रमभङ्गः. -प्रतिज्ञ a. one who has broken his promises. -मनस् a. discouraged, disappointed. -मनोरथ a. disappointed in expectations; तथा समक्षं दहता मनोभवं पिनाकिना भग्नमनोरथा सती Ku.5.1. -मान a. disgraced, dishonoured. -व्रत a. faithless in one's vows; Pt.4.1. -संकल्प a. one whose designs are frustrated. -संधिकम् butter-milk.

Dictionary: Apte
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