bhīma भीम

Definition: भीम a. [बिभेत्यस्मात्, भी अपादाने मक] Fearful, terrific, terrible, dreadful, formidable; न भेजिरे भीमविषेण भीतिम् Bh.2.8; R.1.16;3.54. -मः 1 An epithet of Śiva.and Viṣṇu; भीमो भीमपराक्रमः V. Sah. -2 The Supreme Being. -3 The sentiment of terror (= भयानक q. v.). -4 Name of the second Pāṇḍava prince. [He was begotten on Kuntī by the god Wind. From a child he showed that he was possessed of extraordinary strength and hence he was called Bhīma. He had too a most voracious appetite, and was called Vṛikodara, or 'wolf bellied'. His most effective weapon was his mace (गदा). He played a very important part in the great war, and, on the last day of the battle, smashed the thigh of Duryodhana with his unfailing mace, Some of the principal events of his earlier life are his defeat of the demons Hiḍimba and Baka, the overthrow of Jarāsandha, the fearful vow which he uttered against the Kauravas and particularly against Duhśāsana for his insulting conduct towards Draupadī, the fulfilment of that vow by drinking Duhśāsana's blood, the defeat of Jayadratha, his duel with Kīchaka while he was serving as headcook (बल्लव) to king Virāṭa, and several other exploits in which he showed his usual extraordinary strength. His name has become proverbial for one who possesses immense strength and courage]. -मम् Horror, terror. -Comp. -अञ्जस् a. having terrible strength. -उदरी an epithet of Umā. -एकादशी the eleventh day in the light half of Māgha. -कर्मन् a. of terrific prowess; पौण्ड्रं दध्मौ महाशङ्खं भीमकर्मा वृकोदरः Bg.1.15. -तिथिः f. = भीमैकादशी. -दर्शन, -मुख a. frightful in appearance, hideous. -नाद a. sounding dreadfully. (-दः) 1 a loud or dreadful sound; भीमनादमयमाहतोच्चकैः Śi.15.1. -2 a lion. -3 Name of one of the seven clouds that will appear at the destruction of the world. -पराक्रम a. of terrific prowess. (-मः) Name of Viṣṇu. -पुरम् Name of Kuṇḍinapura q. v. -रथः 1 Name of one of the sons of Dhṛitarāṣṭra. -2 Name of one of the kings born in the family of Dhanvantarī and in the family of Daśārha. -3 Name of one of the sons of Śrīkṛiṣṇa. -रथी 1 Name of the 7th night in the 7th month of the 77th year of a man's life (said to be a very dangerous period); (सप्तसप्ततितमे वर्षे सप्तमे मासि सप्तमी । रात्रिर्भीमरथी नाम नराणामतिदुस्तरा). -2 Name of a river in the Himālayas. -रूप a. of terrific form; केनापि भीमरूपेण ब्रह्मराक्षसेनाभिपत्य Dk.2.6. -विक्रम a. of terrific prowess. -विक्रान्त a. fearfully powerful. (-तः) a lion. -विग्रह a. gigantic, of terrific form. -वेग a. terribly swift. -शङ्करम् one of the 12 most sacred Liṅgas (in the Poona District). -शासनः an epithet of Yama. -सेनः 1 Name of the second Pāṇḍava prince. -2 a kind of camphor. -हासम् the flocculent down blown about in the air in summer.

Dictionary: Apte
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