bhāgaḥ भागः

Definition: भागः [भज् भावे घञ्] 1 A part, portion, share, division; as in भागहर, भागशः &c. -2 Allotment, distribution, partition. -3 Lot, fate; निर्माणभागः परिणतः U.4. -4 A part of any whole; a fraction. -5 The numerator of a fraction. -6 A quarter, one-fourth part. -7 A degree or the 36th part of the circumference of a circle. -8 The 3th part of a zodiacal sign. -9 The quotient. -1 Room, space, spot, region, place; अयनेषु च सर्वेषु यथाभागमवस्थिताः Bg.1.11.; R.18.47. -11 A portion payable to Government; सीता, भागो, बलिः, करो ...... राष्ट्रम् Kau.A.2.6.24. -12 One of the four contentments (Sā&ndot. phil.); आध्यात्मिकाश्चतस्रः प्रकृत्युपादान- कालभागाख्याः (v. l. भाग्याख्याः) Sā&ndot. K.5. -13 A half-rupee. -14 The number eleven. -Comp. -अनुबन्धजातिः f. assimilation of quantities by fractional increase. -अपवाहजातिः, -अपवाहनम् f. assimilation of quantities by fractional decrease. -अपहारिन् a. receiving a share. -अर्थिन् a. desirous of a share. -अर्ह a. entitled to a share or inheritance. -कल्पना allotment of shares. -जातिः f. reduction of fractions to a common denominator (in math.). -धानम् a treasury. -धेयम् 1 a share, part, portion; उच्छिष्टं भागधेयं स्याद्दर्मेषु विकिरश्च यः Ms.3.245; नीवारभागधेयोचितैर्मृगैः R.1.5. -2 fortune, destiny, luck. -3 good fortune or luck; तद् भागधेयं परमं पशूनाम् Bh.2.12. -4 property. -5 happiness. (-यः) 1 a tax; अन्यमेव भागधेयमेते तपस्विनो निर्वपन्ति Ś.2. -2 an heir. -भाज् a. interested, a sharer or partner. -भुज् m. a king, sovereign. -मातृ f. (in alg.) a particular rule of division. -लक्षणा a kind of लक्षणा or secondary use of a word by which it partly loses and partly retains its primary meaning; also called जहदजहल्लक्षणा; e. g. सो$यं देवदत्तः. -लेख्यम् a partition-deed; विभागपत्रं कुर्वन्ति भागलेख्यं तदुच्यते Śukra.2.297. -हरः 1 a co-heir. -2 division (in math.) -हारः division (in math.).-हारिन् a. entitled to a share, inheriting. (-m.) 1 an heir. -2 division.

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