bhṛguḥ भृगुः

Definition: भृगुः 1 Name of a sage, regarded as the ancestor of the family of the Bhṛigus, and described in Ms.1.35 as one of the ten patriarchs created by the first Manu; (said to be so called because he was produced along with flames; सह ज्वालाभिरुत्पन्ने भृगुस्तस्माद् भृगुः स्मृतः ।). [On one occasion when the sages could not agree as to which of the three gods, Brahman, Viṣṇu and Śiva, was best entitled to the worship of Brāhmaṇas, the sage Bhṛigu was sent to test the character of the three gods. He first went to the abode of Brahman, and, on approaching him, purposely omitted an obeisance. Upon this the god reprehended him severely, but was pacified by apologies. Next he entered the abode of Śiva in Kailāsa, and omitted, as before, all tokens of adoration. The vindictive deity was enraged and would have destroyed him, had he not conciliated him by mild words. (According to another account, Bhṛigu was coldly received by Brahman, and he, therefore, cursed him that he would receive no worship or adoration; and condemned Śiva to take the form of a Liṅga, as he got no access to the deity who was engaged in private with his wife). Lastly he went to Viṣṇu, and finding him asleep, he boldly gave the god a kick on his breast which at once awoke him. Instead of showing anger, however, the God arose, and on seeing Bhṛigu, inquired tenderly whether his foot was hurt, and then began to rub it gently. 'This', said Bhṛigu, 'is the mightiest god. He overtops all by the most potent of all weapons--kindness and generosity'. Viṣṇu was therefore, declared to be the god who was best entitled to the worship of all.] -2 Name of the sage Jamadagni. -3 An epithet of Śukra. -4 The planet Venus. -5 A cliff, precipice; कृत्वा पुंवत्पातमुच्चैर्मृगुभ्यः Śi.4.23; भृगुपतनकारणमपृच्छम् Dk. -6 Table-land, the level summit of a mountain. -7 Name of Kṛiṣṇa. -8 An epithet of Śiva. -9 Friday. -Comp. -उद्वहः an epithet of Paraśurāma. -कच्छः, -च्छम् Name of a place on the north bank of the Narmadā (modern Broach). -जः, -तनयः 1 an epithet of Śukra. -2 the planet Venus. -नन्दनः 1 an epithet of Paraśurāma; वीरो न यस्य भगवान् भृगुनन्दनो$पि U.5.34. -2 of Śukra. -3 of Śaunaka; एवं निशम्य भृगुनन्दनसाधुवादम् Bhāg.1.1. 14. -पतनम् a fall from a precipice. -पतिः an epithet of Paraśurāma; भृगुपतियशोवर्त्म यत् क्रौञ्चरन्ध्रम् Me.59; so भृगूणांपतिः. -पातः Throwing oneself down from a cliff or a precipice; thus committing suicide; तत्र तत्यजुरा मानं भृगुपातेन केचन Śiva B.2.39. -वंशः Name of a family descended from Paraśurāma;. -वारः, -वासरः Friday. -शार्दूलः, -श्रेष्ठः, -सत्तमः epithets of Paraśurāma;. -सुतः, -सूनुः 1 an epithet of Paraśurāma;. -2 of Venus or Śukra; भृगुसूनुधरापुत्रौ शशिजेन समन्वितौ Mb.9.11.17.

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