bhūyiṣṭha भूयिष्ठ

Definition: भूयिष्ठ a. [अतिशयेन बहु इष्ठन् भ्वादेशे युक् च] 1 Most, most numerous or abundant. -2 Most important, principal, chief. -3 Very great or large, very much, much, many, numerous. -4 Chiefly or for the most part composed of, mostly composed or consisting of, chiefly filled with or characterized by (at the end of com.); अभिरूपभूयिष्ठा परिषद् Ś.1; शूल्यमांसभूयिष्ठ आहारो$श्यते Ś.2; राष्ट्रेषु कतमत्सुपुरुषभूयिष्ठम् Dk.; शिल्पदारिकाभूयिष्ठं परिजनम् M.5; R.4.7. -5 Almost, mostly, nearly all (usually after a past passive participle); अये उदितभूयिष्ठ एष तपनः Māl.1; निर्वाणभूयिष्ठमथास्य वीर्यम् Ku.3.52; V.1.8. -ष्ठम् ind. 1 For the most part, mostly; भूयिष्ठमन्यविषया न तु दृष्टिरस्याः Ś.1.3. -2 Exceedingly, very much, in the highest degree; भूयिष्ठं भव दक्षिणा परिजने Ś.4.18; R.6.4;13.14.

Dictionary: Apte
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