bandhuḥ बन्धुः

Definition: बन्धुः [बध्नाति मनः स्नेहादिना बन्ध्-उ] 1 A relation, kinsman, relative in general; यत्र द्रुमा अपि मृगा अपि बन्धवो मे U.3.8; मातृबन्धुनिवासिनम् R.12.12; Ś.6.23; Bg.6.9; Ms.2.136. -2 Any one connected or associated with another, a brother; प्रवासबन्धुः a brothertraveller; धर्मबन्धुः a spiritual brother; अनुमतगमना शकुन्तला तरुभिरियं वनवासबन्धुभिः Ś.4.1. -3 (In law) A cognate kinsman, one's own kindred or kinsmen generally; (three kinds are enumerated :-- आत्म˚ personal, पितृ˚ paternal, and मातृ˚ maternal; see these three words). -4 A friend (in general); as in बन्धुकृत्य below; oft. at the end of comp.; मकरन्दगन्धबन्धो Māl.1.38 'a friend of, (i. e.) charged with fragrance'; &c.; 9.13. -5 A husband; वैदेहिबन्धोर्हृदयं विदद्रे R.14.33. -6 A father. -7 A mother. -8 A brother. -9 The tree called बन्धुजीव q. v. -1 One who belongs to or is connected with any tribe or profession only nominally; i. e. one who belongs to it, but does not do the duties pertaining thereto (often used by way of contempt); स्वयमेव ब्रह्मबन्धुनोद्भिन्नो दुर्गप्रयोगः M.4; cf. क्षत्रबन्धु. -11 Connection, relationship, association in general; समुद्र एवास्य बन्धुः Bṛi. Up.1.1.2; B. R.3.89. -12 A controller, governor; (नमः) गुणत्रयाभासनिमित्तबन्धवे Bhāg.6.4.23. -13 (In astrol.) Name of the 3rd mansion. -Comp. -काम a. affectionate towards kinsmen. -कृत्यम् 1 the duty of a kinsman; त्वयि तु परिसमाप्तं बन्धुकृत्यं प्रजानाम् Ś.5.8. -2 the business of a friend, a friendly or kind act or service; कच्चित् सौम्य व्यवसितमिदं बन्धुकृत्यं त्वया मे Me.116. -जनः 1 a relative, kinsman. -2 kindred, kinsmen taken collectively. -जीवः, -जीवकः Name of a tree; दृश्यन्ते बन्धुजीवाश्च श्यामाश्च गिरिसानुषु Rām.4.3.62; बन्धुजीवमधुरा- धरपल्लवमुल्लसितस्मितशोभम् Gīt.2; R.11.24. -दग्धः an abandoned wretch (हतक). -दत्तम् a kind of Strīdhana or woman's property, the property given to a girl by her relatives at the time of marriage; बन्धुदत्तं तथा शुल्कमन्वा- धेयकमेव च Y.2.144; बान्धवा भ्रातरो बन्धुदत्तप्रदेन कन्यादशायां यत् पितृभ्यां दत्तं तदुच्यते Dāy. B. -दायादः kinsman and heir; Ms.9.158. -a. entitled to inheritance by relationship. -प्रिय a. dear to friends or relations. -प्रीतिः f. 1 love of a relative; बन्धुप्रीत्या Me.51 (v. l.). -2 love for a friend. -भावः 1 friendship. -2 relationship. -वर्गः kinsmen, kindred. -हीन a. destitute of relatives or friends.

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